In 2019 DSP Valley embarks on collective business development

A happy and prosperous 2019! Another year in which processing power will grow by 50%, connectivity bandwidth is to increase by 25%, and in which we’ll take at least a trillion photos on our smartphone. A minute fraction of the total of 30 zettabytes of data likely to be created in 2019.

by DSP Valley

Through 2018, you have helped us analyze the status of our industry and network. Together with you, we sought ways to better arm our industry for the challenges ahead.

How to get the best out of hyperconnected systems? Making sure they work for us, our families, our society. Making sure we achieve a leading position in this industry, from technologies over platforms and system integration to service provisioning. And this, in a wide variety of application fields: healthcare, mobility, logistics, manufacturing…

Pursuant to the analysis, a couple of elements emerged.

One is focus. We cannot be successful in everything, so we need to pick what holds most promise; combinations of regional technology strength and a receptive market.

Another is substance. Hyperconnectivity calls for an organization that goes beyond entertaining discussions. Rather one that scopes, guides, and funnels embryonic connections into meaningful business opportunities.

The conclusion of our analysis is to choose the path of collective business development. A challenge the team and I will be happy to take up for you.

During 2018, we have prepared several elements to do so. In two significant application areas, we have partnered to create Innovative Business Networks (IBN). addresses collective business development to make the ‘Internet of Things’ work for our society. We will look into connected, circular, attractive, and resilient cities. seeks opportunities at the crossover of digital, medical and life science technologies. It investigates disease prevention, personalized treatments, and health at home. Both initiatives enjoy strong industrial backing as well as governmental support.

Industrial IoT projects are another example of that collective business development. Together with partners we lined up European funding in three areas:  textile, food processing, and manufacturing industry. 7 million EUR in total.

Last but not least, the core technology of our network; semiconductors, will get more focus again.  A lot is yet to come, in terms of materials, sensors, actuators, communication, high and ultra-low power, … More than enough to make this a program in its own right.

We will increasingly help you bring your technologies and solutions to the market in 2019. You will get a choice of services, or memberships, so you can align your investment with where you want to go.

About this, and the details of the above programs, our members and affiliates will learn more at our New Year’s meeting in Eindhoven on January 24th.

We look forward to working together in another exciting year.

I hope to see you all there,

Dieter Therssen