HYPEREGIO: a push in the back for your innovative project

Since a few months, DSP Valley is part of the project team of HYPEREGIO, a trans-national, Interreg project. The main goal of this initiative is to identify and support innovative opportunities and projects in the Euregion Meuse-Rhin.

by DSP Valley


The HYPEREGIO project is an umbrella over three different projects, all focused on a different aspect of technological innovation: EarlyTech, BusyBee and Innovation2Market. EarlyTech and BusyBee focus on the academia-to-business aspect. They promote the technology transfer from universities and research centers towards the industry. The support is targeted at companies willing to co-operate with these knowledge institutes in short term, product oriented projects. Next to this business development support the projects also offer additional services such as helping with human resources (e.g. making sure companies can contact graduating students), offer an innovation platform to digitally connect companies and research institutes, and organise networking events for Business Development and HR professionals.

In the academia-to-business projects DSP Valley actively participates in BusyBee. We help setting up activities from a ‘technology push’ perspective. Domains in which events will be organized comprise healthcare technologies and autonomous driving, amongst others.


Innovation2market focusses more on the B2B aspect of innovation. Its main goal is to provide business development support to companies that want to start innovative projects with companies from neighbouring countries. They again concern short term product oriented projects.

DSP Valley facilitates the matchmaking with companies from other regions by jointly organizing events and workshops. The nature of these activities is more of a ‘market-pull’ and the addressed topics are aligned with the DSP Valley application domains Smart Health, Smart Cities, Smart Industry and Smart Mobility. Already one excellent opportunity to meet businesses across the border is the Smart Systems Summit, held in Eindhoven on 11 October 2018.

What support is there to get?

hyperegio 2 The HYPEREGIO projects have a support scheme of vouchers for participating companies. There are two ways that SME’s can benefit:

  1. If an SME from the Meuse-Rhin region decides to work together with a knowledge institute from another country within the Meuse-Rhin region, it benefits from a voucher up to 3 000 euro.
  2. If two (or more) SME’s decide to work together, cross-border but within the Meuse-Rhin region, they get a voucher up to 6 000 euro.

The application procedure for receiving these vouchers is intentionally kept simple. The reporting and administrative overhead is also minimal.

Interesting! How do I proceed?

If you are interested in obtaining such a voucher, you should proceed as followed:

  1. Get in touch with the responsible from DSP Valley (Bjorn Van de Vondel). We listen to your idea(s) and do a pre-check of the feasibility.
  2. With the DSP Valley support and after reading the guide for applicants, you submit your proposal.
  3. Your application is reviewed during one of the following partner meetings. These are scheduled regularly to keep waiting times short.
  4. Approved projects can start immediately.
  5. At the latest, six weeks after you send in the documentation, our are reimbursed.

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