Majority of ASIC developments stays outside TDK

After the acquisition by TDK, ICsense, Europe’s premier IC design company, enforces its position as leading ASIC design and supply partner. Its large design capacity gives the company the possibility to use its expertise for new and existing customers in- and outside the TDK group.

By ICsense

The last years, TDK acquired a variety of MEMS/sensor product companies, such as Micronas, Invensense and –most recently- Chirp Microsystems to become a leading sensor solution supplier in the IoT and automotive market. The acquisition of ICsense fits perfectly in this strategy given the leading position of ICsense in sensor/MEMS interfacing for automotive and consumer applications.

First-of-a-kind developments

Within TDK, ICsense is part of the Sensor System Business Company (SSBC). The TDK-Group includes EPCOS, TDK-Invensense, TDK-Micronas, Tronics and different TDK divisions. While other newly acquired entities deliver catalogue products to the broad market, the main role of ICsense in the TDK Group is to provide the most innovative and first-of-a-kind ASIC developments and TMR-based ASIC developments for TDK Japan and the other groups. Because of the large size of the ICsense design team in Leuven, only a fraction of ICsense’s design capacity is used for these TDK projects. This allows ICsense to continue serving new and existing external customers with turnkey specialty ASICs, same as before the acquisition.

Customers outside of TDK

The well recognized and reputed ICsense-brand is unchanged to show ICsense’s commitment to customers outside of TDK. The company’s expertise areas also stay unchanged to sensor and MEMS, power and battery management, high-voltage and low-power. Target applications on the ICsense roadmap are still automotive, medical, industrial and consumer. “The TDK management has given us the clear long-term target to have at least 50% of our revenue outside TDK. Currently we are at over 60% external revenue which shows we guarantee the necessary bandwidth for all our customers outside the TDK group,” says Bram De Muer, CEO of ICsense. “Being part of TDK enhances our existing service offering. We are backed by a strong and stable partner so ICsense’s long term stability is guaranteed. Customers are ensured ICsense will not become their competitor by a hostile take-over. TDK allows us to strongly invest in our design team and methodology and to boost our turnkey offering by expertise and hardware”.