Smart Systems Summit: technology high mass in your region

The Smart Systems conference in the north, the Smart Systems Industry Summit in the south; Bits&Chips and DSP Valley support the high-tech world since the very early days of nanotechnology. For this year’s technology high mass, they decided to join forces.

by DSP Valley

The joint Smart Systems Summit takes place on October 11, 2018 in the Van der Valk Hotel in Eindhoven, one of the top venues in the region. The conference brings you the latest on smart systems with a focus on smart health, smart mobility and technologies for the IoT. These themes are analyzed and discussed in parallel tracks. Before diving in, influential industry leaders of today bring you their vision on tomorrow. Visions on future processing architectures, sensors technologies, and artificial intelligence. One confirmed keynote will be delivered by arm’s Chris Turner, director emerging technology & strategy, Embedded & Automotive Business Line.

Source of inspiration

Hearing the vision of top international speakers is just one of the advantages of participating. The Smart Systems Summit is also the place par excellence to promote new products and services to the market. Or to discover them! It is a unique platform for the high-tech world to meet, to get the latest scoops on what is going on in the smart domain and to make business expansion happen. Or as Dieter Therssen, CEO of DSP Valley sees it: “Working together with Bits&Chips not only provides a lever to attract influential speakers to the summit as a source of inspiration. It also gives access to a combined network, with far richer opportunities to interact. As a result, the Smart Systems Summit is the place to be for anybody working in our high-tech region.”

The joint Smart Systems Summit has far richer opportunities to interact.

Become part of the event!

Participating in the Smart Systems Summit can be done in different ways. As a bronze, silver or golden sponsor you are part of the promotion media mix (mailings, advertisements, social media, content marketing and PR) , and you have a sponsor boot to network with customers and partners. As a keynote speaker or lecturer, you share your company’s views on the latest technologies and trends and bounce them off a knowledgeable audience. As a visitor you discover all of the above.  As the Smart Systems Summit gets closer, more details and speakers will be announced. All the more reason to stay tuned!

Save the date of the Smart Systems Summit in your agenda!

You want to share your vision, become a sponsor, have a question? One name: Bjorn Van de Vondel.