Sofics moves to new office

By Sofics.

This summer, Sofics moved to a newly built office in Aalter. The new building offers the company a lot more space. The lab space tripled and there are more meeting and break-out rooms, all of them equipped with high-tech smart boards. But the designers also paid a lot of attention to comfort and a low energy consumption.

Classic air-conditioning has been avoided. Instead the concrete shell of the building is held at constant temperature throughout the year. This gives a very high feeling of comfort to the Sofics employees. A system-D ventilation system is used for refreshing air. Heat/energy is collected/stored using a geothermal heat-pump connected to eight 100-m deep holes located under the building. The office’s south-side is designed to collect solar heat from autumn till spring. Photovoltaic panels are placed on the roof. The heat generated by the company servers and the building equipment is recycled. This results in a maximum energy re-use.

All these measures make the net energy consumption of the building phenomenally low – the office design pre-qualified as an ‘almost-energy-neutral building’ and it might even turn out Sofics built an energy passive office.

Later this season, fruit trees and bushes are planted and will welcome employees and visitors of the company.

Sofics’s new address: Sint-Godelievestraat 32, 9880 Aalter.