Signpost and Televic Education join efforts and go for digital exams in secondary education

Televic Education

Date: 7 January 2020

Technology companies bring software solutions to school desks.

Signpost, the largest hardware and software supplier in Belgian education, is now an exclusive distributor of assessmentQ, Televic Education’s online testing platform. With this, Signpost responds to the growing interest in digital testing and digital exams in education.

Need for digital examination

We don’t have to tell you that digitisation has left its mark on the classroom during the last couple of years. More and more educational institutions are opting for a policy with a strong emphasis on digital, in which Bring Your Own Device (BYOD), digital learning materials and digital testing play an increasingly important role. IT supplier Signpost is market leader in the supply of hardware and software to education and plays an important role in facilitating the transition to digital.

Also the user base of assessmentQ, Televic Education’s digital testing platform, continues to grow rapidly. Interest in digital testing, examination and evaluation has clearly increased in recent years, and is of course related to our increasingly digital world. A recent survey into digital exams in education, conducted by Televic Education, showed that no less than 80% of schools will invest in (new) software for digital testing in the near future.

Strategic, reinforcing and complementary partnership

Signpost already offers AcademicSoftware, a platform that provides schools with bundles of the most relevant software, and also distributes Wezooz Academy, a learning platform with professional teaching videos. As part of their search for solutions to the demand for digital testing, Signpost is now adding assessmentQ to their offering. This makes the IT supplier an exclusive Certified VAR (Value Added Reseller) of assessmentQ. “By distributing one of our core products via Signpost’s extensive network, we aim for further sustainable and international growth of Televic Education,” says Stijn De Vleeschhouwer, General Manager of Televic Education.

The digital assessmentQ platform enables schools to set up, conduct and automatically evaluate tests online in a user-friendly and safe environment. Digital examination allows teachers to save a significant amount of time, because all exams are easy to read and the evaluation can be made exponentially faster. Students are also interested in being able to take tests in a digital environment and learn from their mistakes. As part of the total solution, Signpost also provides a secure browser environment, which helps prevent cheating during digital exams.

“For us, it’s all about unburdening educational institutions in implementing a digital strategy, and that includes digital exams. 120 secondary schools already have a laptop project running. Conducting digital exams on all those laptops is the next logical step. We are also going to integrate more and more digital functions into our platforms so that schools can switch to digital teaching more consciously and more cheaply. In the first instance, we are focusing on secondary schools in Belgium – for which we have concluded this exclusive contract – but we are also thinking of other educational institutions and taking this story beyond the borders of our country, since we already have customers in Germany, France and Spain,” says Arne Vandendriessche, CEO at Signpost.

Schools who want to know more can contact Signpost via the website


Stijn De Vleeschhouwer – General Manager
Televic Education
+32 (0)495 58 48 54

Arne Vandendriessche – CEO
+32 (0)478 34 78 32

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