BlueICe is composed of a team of semiconductor professionals, offering a broad set of semiconductor related services and IP. We translate our customers’ ideas into silicon. Our team is organized around a number of top talents with different semiconductor competences.
BlueICe’s positions itself as a one stop shop, taking ownership of large or less large projects. We live up to our commitments, are not afraid to share project and business risk. Next to this business model we are also offering to embed our experts inside customers teams, contributing to projects driven directly by our customers.

BlueICe is flexible, fast, committing, with quick feedback cycles. We typically offer free feasibility studies giving our customers quickly an idea what silicon or FPGA can offer to solve their problem.
Our project scope goes beyond SOC development. We are capable and did execute projects in:
(1) RTL verification, building automated, randomized, C-based benches to thoroughly verify RTL and RTL together with application software.
(2) Validation, building a complete hardware/software environment capable to run automated test scenarios. Validating an SOC or an FPGA based implementation.
(3) Turnkey SOC development, up to layout. We master all competences to do this, except analog and RF design. If these are required we have a number of partnerships in place.
(4) Embedded software development.
(5) FPGA development.

Molenstraat 19
1930 Zaventem