City Ieper

A rich diversity characterizes the ± 450 employees of the City Ieper. With us you will find people with a heart for technology, sports, finance, green, culture, tourism … Historians, educators, architectural experts, communication experts and marketers, social workers, lawyers, administrative service providers, … Colleagues with a passion for their profession: electricians , carpenters, construction workers, logistics employees,… All of them people with a heart for the Ieper region.

Together we strive for a high-quality service tailored to our citizens, companies and visitors, and this in all policy areas entrusted to our organization. Together we go all out for a warm, social city where life is pleasant in a green environment, and where young and old feel at home. We look resolutely to the future without losing sight of our rich past. We deal responsibly and respectfully with each other and sustainably with the resources provided to us. In this way we want to develop further into a lively, vibrant city that offers plenty of space for creative and innovative ideas. A city we can all be proud of.

Municipality Ieper
Ter Waarde 1
8900 Ieper