KU Leuven Campus De Nayer – EAVISE

The research goal of EAVISE is applying state-of-the-art techniques from computer vision and artificial intelligence as a solution for industry-specific problems. In order to meet stringent execution speed, energy footprint, cost and price requirements, the developed algorithms are implemented and optimized on embedded systems, such as GPUs, DSPs and FPGAs.
Application areas include industrial automation, product inspection, traffic monitoring, e-health, agriculture, eye-tracking research, microscopic imaging, surveillance and land surveying.
EAVISE is a multidisciplinary research group of KU Leuven, of which the vision part is part of PSI and the Artificial Intelligence researchers belong to DTAI.

EAVISE Research Group
KU Leuven, Campus De Nayer
Jan Pieter De Nayerlaan 5,
2860 Sint-Katelijne-Waver