Smart Bike Project

The Smart Bike project is an initiative by DSP Valley and Flanders Bike Valley, sponsored by VLAIO. During this 4 year project, the initiators will look for opportunities and possibilities for cooperation on the border between the Smart Electronic Systems domain and the Cycling world. The question to ask is: “What can Electronic Systems add to the cycling experience to enrich it ?” The project team supports this “cross border” innovation and accompanies the partners on their road to new products and applications.

3 action lines

The project focusses along three main axis:

  • every application that can/will make the bike itself more intelligent, safer, more fun to ride, … by means of the integration of electronics into the bike
  • every application that can/will make the user experience of the biker (person riding the bicycle) more intelligent, more pleasant, richer, … by means of the integration of electronics into the bikers accessories (helmet, clothing, glasses,…)
  • every application that improves the environment, the infrastructure in which the biking is done. Again making use of smart electronics

The target group

The target group of this project is the cross-border union between the Flanders Bike Valley ecosystem and the DSP valley ecosystem. This cross-border target group contains companies and organizations that are able to start working on solutions for a better “experience” when riding a bike. The goal is to involve a large number of actors, positioned all along the value chain of creating the “Smart Bike”.

Concrete goals

  • The project team has committed itself to achieve the following goals:
  • 120 company visits and one-on-one discussions
  • 24 companies supported by their innovation
  • 8 product launches
  • 12 follow-up trajectories in a funded project
  • 4 press releases
  • 2 (nominations for an) award(s)

During the project, a demonstrator will be built-up. The goals is to create a “Smart Bike”. This demonstrator should act as a teaser, a thing to get the imagination working… .

Throughout the project, it became clear that a lot of the proposed innovations were about some kind of a sensornode attached to bicycle or biker, for a certain application. The project team decided that the developed demonstrator should incorporate a number of these sensor nodes as well as a general processing node to process and/or communicate the date.

In the figure below you will see a schematic drawing of the status of the demonstrator today.

This demonstrator was already used and shown in a number of events. For example the Smart Systems Industry Summit 2017 (October 17, 2017).

The project team will continue improving and extending the demonstrator. Please check this page regularly for new updates and pictures!

Information Downloads

Some of the documents, presentations, reports, … that were generated or used during the Smart Bike project are also useful for the general public. Certainly when that public has an interest in innovation and cycling.

For that reason, the project team has and will do so in the future, put some information for download on this page. If you need additional information or if something is not clear, contact the project team, whose contact details are listed below.

General project information

Inventory on available technologies, applications, features, … .
During the project the team is building up an inventory of all kinds of useful technologies, applications and features. The goal is to see what is already available and how might it be possible to integrate this into the project. You can download the inventory here.

Event specific information

Smart Systems Industry Summit 2015

Seminar Energy Harvesting

Seminar Bike2X Communication

 Smart Bike Partnermatching (01/2018)

 Seminar Battery Technology

Project Team
 Flanders Bike Valley
Tervantstraat 2B
3583 Paal-Beringen
Tel.: +011 730 110 

Stefanie Lambeens
Bert CelisFlanders Bike Valley
Bjorn Van de Vondel – DSP Valley
Project Manager
T: +32 16 2
Success Stories

One of the main goals of the Smart Bike project, is to initiate innovation projects and support companies and organizations in their innovative actions. Below you can find a number of success stories, realized throughout the project. Please note that not all success stories are listed here (confidentiality) and that sometimes names of companies are anonimized… .

For more information contact the project team.


The Velumo project consists of an “intelligent rear light”. This light can have different functions:

  • a warning system when someone is trying to steal your bike
  • a system to light-up when you are looking for your bike
  • a tracking system, thanks to built-in electronics
  • a breaking light

All these functionalities can be controlled by an app on your smartphone

More info:

Lazer Inclination Sensor

A small inclination sensor built-in in your helmet. This sensor measures the way you leen back- or forward and provides feedback. In that way you are encouraged to position yourself into the most aerodynamic position possible.

More info:

Cycling Highways

Flanders Bike Valley is also active in an Interreg project with a focus on Cycling Highways. This is actually a good project to handle some of the spill-overs from the Smart Bike project. Cases having to do with infrastructure and cycling highways can be started-up in Smart Bike and have their finality in Cycling Highways.

More info:

Kipando – Smart Bike Lock

A smart lock that can be opened or closed by an app on the smartphone. An easy solution for every user but also for people that are renting bikes or for bike sharing applications.

More info:

Kingo – Click&Bike

An E-bike with an integrated cockpit. The cockpit consists of a PDA-like platform to comfortabely display navigation info, touristic info, diagnostics about the bike, … .

More info:


A flexible platform for bikesharing. An easy app on your smartphone, together with a QR-code enables you to unlock a rental bike and start riding. No need to go to a special storage place for the shared bike!

More info: