Smart Systems Project

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Smart Systems – The internet of things ecosystem

The world is getting more and more connected. Gartner predicts that in 2020 about 25 billion devices will be (wirelessly) connected with each other. Efficient wireless infrastructures and mobile applications will become indispensable. The goal: unlimited access to information and sharing data anywhere for anyone and anything. This will not only save valuable time, money and resources, but it will create many new opportunities for developing applications that will support and enrich people in their daily living.
While the range of opportunities is vast and endless, the industry cannot afford to be left behind and should come into action. Here, collaboration is the key to success. That’s exactly the ambition of the Smart Systems project, where we will build the ecosystem that eventually will strengthen the position and competitiveness of each individual organization in a global market.

The Smart Systems project focuses on an integrative approach, engaging all relevant stake-holders in the Internet-of-Things ecosystem. The objective is to speed up the development and implementations of solutions for healthcare and smart industries. Together with SME’s, knowledge institutes and network organizations and guided by DSP Valley a program was developed based on ‘4A’ action items: Association, Acceleration, Amplification and Accomplishment.

This program is supported by hands-on, in-practice demonstration projects complementing the technological fingerprint of this ecosystem. The new Digital Experience Lab is set up to support initial experiments and building demonstrators. And the tech-multinational Philips Innovation Services Greenhouse assists in product validation, industrialization and volume manufacturing. Always with the mindset to develop solutions faster, better and at a lower cost.

Human Capital Agenda

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Partners of the Smart Systems Ecosystem

This project is also being supported by Berenschot

Action lines

In the project the office and the partners work closely together on four (4A) action lines, focused on reinforcing the ecosystem.

 The 4A approach is used to build a constantly growing and sustainable ecosystem:


Through the association action stakeholders of the Smart Systems ecosystem are connected with each other as well as with external parties.


The acceleration action focuses on business development by recognizing and valorizing new market opportunities.


Open innovation is the key focus of the amplification action. The Philips Innovation Services Greenhouse and the Digital Experience Lab play a central role in this item.


This action contributes to enforce the human capital and make better use of the know-how and experience that exists in the individual organizations in the Smart Systems ecosystem.

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