Smart Cities

Digital technology facilitating enriched quality of life in the city

A Smart City is a city or region where digital technologies are being combined with infrastructure, architecture and everyday objects. The data from this interplay are then structured and processed into tools that provide an answer to urban problems: social and economic inequality, mobility issues, etc.

The technologies of the digital age run like a thread through the infrastructure the smart city. They facilitate innovations, savings, options for sustainability, and more. All this helps enrich the quality of life in the city.



Smart City Tech is a partnership to facilitate global cooperation between city stakeholders aiming at the development and realization of innovative value models for urban areas enabled by smart systems. This partnership keeps us and our members informed about goings-on elsewhere and creates an internationalization platform, opening doors to the rest of Europe. Members of the Smart Cities Programme enjoy all the benefits of the alliance.


Our Smart Cities Programme created this successful regional network by participating in an Innovative Business Network (IBN) scheme set out by the Flemish government. This project is an essential part of our Smart Cities Programme, providing access to complementary networks and know-how. Within this ecosystem we focus specifically on companies that actively develop products and services for cities and municipalities in the value chain of a smart city.


Open City Project

Open city – Knowledge transfer with regard to unlocking standards and best practices for one open ‘datafied’ society within the domain of environmental factors (air quality, sound, water, light, electromagnetic radiation, etc.) as the basis for innovation value models.

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Cluster Manager Peter Vandeurzen
Cluster Manager Peter Vandeurzen

Peter Vandeurzen has almost 20 years of experience as a Business Development Manager. He graduated as Industrial Engineer Electronics from Group T in Leuven and started his career in the telecom world. He worked for, among others, UB Networks, a major supplier of intelligent LAN infrastructure, 3COM, a supplier of network technologies and Tazz Networks, a supplier of “Service Control Platform” technologies.
Peter was later responsible for the activation and implementation of the incubation platform at C-mine crib. For example, he was active in attracting and guiding innovation talents in the creative industry and he attracted existing relevant industrial companies to C-mine.

Building on this experience, he worked at Thorpark Genk until recently. There he was responsible for the development of the technology park with the aim of expanding a cluster of innovative technology companies with a strong focus on smart cities. In addition, Peter was working on the development of a triple helix ecosystem as part of the smart region project s-Lim in Limburg, commissioned by Tomorrowlab. At s-Lim he also took care of the links with other regional smart city developments such as City of Things in Antwerp and Smart Flanders.

Programme Manager Mark De Colvenaer
Programme Manager Mark De Colvenaer

Mark De Colvenaer, with a Master of Science in Business Engineering (KULeuven), is a hands-on expert in innovation and business development with a focus on high-tech and ICT driven solutions for societal challenges. 

He has consulted for small as well as big tech companies, often for management assignments.   From 1997 to 2009, he was a guest-professor at the University College Ghent and was a board member of the European Network of Living Labs.  Currently, he focuses on defining and developing cross-sector value models, combining different key enabling technologies (e.g. micro-electronics and biotechnology) into new applications for healthcare and urban areas.  Furthermore, he is closely involved in running the SmartCityTech European partnership. 

Aside from his work as Programme Manager for Smart Cities at DSP Valley, he is co-founder of Kunigi – a leading innovation development practice. 

Community Manager Isa Rogiers
Community Manager Isa Rogiers

Isa Rogiers started her career in sales as an account manager of institutional markets for Coca-Cola Enterprises Belgium. From there, she made a small detour to HR as Business Consultant for Mercuri Urval Belgium, but ultimately returned to her passion for sales and business development when she started at Citydepot, the first Urban Connector, a start up active in Smart Mobility, city distribution. In a few years, she helped the company make the transition from start up to scale up in a very innovative environment.

In 2017, she engaged in setting up the IBN Smart Cities Vlaanderen as Community Manager. Again, a very innovative environment where community building and business development is key. In July 2020, DSP Valley became the sole promotor of the IBN Smart Cities Vlaanderen, and Isa subsequently transitioned to DSP Valley.

Isa holds a degree in marketing from PXL Hasselt as well as a Master’s degree in International Business from Vlekho. She studied in Missouri, U.S.A. for six months in 2001 where her love for international business and culture grew.

In her spare time, she loves spending time with her two girls, taking care of their pets (never say yes to a pony, dogs, and guinea pigs) and tries to go running once a week. 

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