Smart Health

Digital technologies enabling healthier living

In the context of factors such as an ageing population, the advances in biotechnology, and the ever-increasing demand for healthcare solutions, the interest in consumer and professional medical devices is also on the rise. Several DSP Valley members are involved in the creation of these devices, from components such as sensors or wireless technology, over support to develop these devices, to the production of complete consumer devices and professional equipment for the healthcare markets. 

The introduction of digital technologies in products and services developed for healthcare has opened a wealth of possibilities for shaping the future of health. Just to name a few: the cost of genome sequencing has reduced significantly, allowing a complete new era of personalized medicine, artificial intelligence will transform medical imaging practice over the next decade by reducing diagnostic errors, wearable sensor technologies will allow continuous monitoring of patients outside a hospital setting, m-health applications will allow a much better interaction between patient, practitioner and other care givers.


The business network bridging technologies for healthcare innovation, is an Innovative Business Network (IBN) set up by, DSP Valley and MedTechFlanders. One of’s main objectives is to support companies active in digital and life sciences, and in medical technologies, in the development of collaborative projects within the healthcare domain.We will not only facilitate, but also support you further in the different steps that need to be taken to realize your idea.

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AnSem - ASIC design
Programme Manager Johan Lecocq
Programme Manager Johan Lecocq

Johan Lecocq holds a Master of Science degree in Electrical Engineering from the University of Leuven.

Before joining DSP Valley in 2013, he spent most of his career in the high-tech electronics industry both in management functions and in business development.
He built up experience in both the semiconductor and the automotive industry, working successively for Philips Consumer electronics, Philips Semiconductors, Siemens-VDO and TomTom. 

Since January 2019, Johan has been programme manager for the Smart Health Programme, helping DSP Valley members to discover and seize the opportunities created by the introduction of digital technologies in the health care market.