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From INDUSTRY 4.0 to
Digital Economy

Our industry is momentarily going through a fourth global (r)evolution. With the rise of IoT technology and applications, the era of digital and connected manufacturing has begun. IoT has become the driver for new manufacturing processes and allow numerous additional possibilities in the industrial playing field. Concepts like “Digital Twin”, “The connected Factory” or “Customized mass production” are finding their way into a modern day factory.

Knowing the possibilities of IoT is one thing, implementing, using, and harvesting the fruits from it are another. Companies interested in using IoT technology in their manufacturing context or IoT providers for the industrial domain are warmly encouraged to get in touch!


Smart Sensors 4 Agri-Food

The thematic partnership aims at setting up a platform between agri-food- and electronic/IT cluster organisations, relevant research and technology organisations (RTO’s) and other related stakeholders, to lower the barriers for agri-food companies to access and implement the newest smart electronic systems and to enable the Internet of Things (IoT) transition of the agri-food industry.



The IoT4Industry project aims to support EU growth and competitiveness through the development of a new cross-sectoral industrial value chain.

It is based on the integration and use of IoT and related components into manufacturing tools, machines and robots.

It encourages cross-border collaboration between SMEs and other RDI actors in the ICT and advanced manufacturing sectors.


S3FOOD wants to develop new partnerships and collaborations across Europe for integrating smart sensors and industry 4.0 in the agri-food industry, in 5 phases:

1. See
2. Learn
3. Team up
4. Develop
5. Get Funding – SMEs with the best project will be awarded vouchers up to the value of €60,000.


SmartX seeks to boost smart textiles innovation and develop an end-to-end smart textiles manufacturing value chain in Europe, in order to drive promising prototypes faster to market. 

During the 3-year programme 3 calls for funding will help support up to 40 projects with a total budget of €2.4 million. 

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