Smart Mobility

From solutions to traffic jams to sustainable mobility

In order to find solutions for traffic jams, road safety, transport’s harmful on the environment, inequality in transport options, and the myriad other issues modern mobility faces, the way we move and transport goods has to change. With the rise of IoT technology and its applications, Smart Mobility can contribute to these necessary changes, for example through effective mobility management of existing infrastructures and the use of technology for more interaction and better cooperation between the various mobility actors.

DSP Valley’s Smart Mobility Programme supports developing business in the mobility value chain at its intersection with digital technologies. Finding partners to bring forward your company’s fantastic idea, finding the necessary financial support to bring your proposal closer to the market, discovering new market opportunities, reaching out to partners or markets on a European or even global scale — these are all services DSP Valley offers.


Programme Manager Dieter Therssen
Programme Manager Dieter Therssen

With an M.Sc. in Electronics Engineering from KULeuven in 1987, Dieter started his career at IMEC on advanced IC design methodologies applied to systems-on-chip integration. The Car-DSP SAA7706 was a landmark result. 

Among his career moves, Dieter has built up experience in the automotive and mobility worlds. At one point, he was development manager of the International Technology Centre Leuven, delivering chips and modules for consumer, automotive, and lighting applications. In 2011, Dieter joined Premium Sound Solutions to become Business Director Automotive Europe, grew it successfully, and enabled the sale of the electronics activities division to the Lear Corporation in 2016.