Newtec Dialog® hub powers ATM and cellular backhaul network across Mozambique

The Newtec Dialog® hub, Newtec’s multiservice platform , is deployed on Intelsat EpicNG 33e. This way, Teledata powers the hundreds of remote mobile backhaul (2G, 3G) and banking application sites they have across Mozambique.

By Newtec 

Very high quality backhaul service

The Newtec Dialog platform, with a HUB 4IF Hub Module at its core, will power the cellular backhaul network of Teledata, a publicly-owned telecommunications specialist in Mozambique. To do that they are using Newtec Dialog modems (MDM3310 Satellite Modem). The platform is also connecting hundreds of ATMs using Newtec’s MDM2500 IP Satellite Modems at the remote sites, as well as providing back-up connectivity to improve higher reliability for the regional bank branches.

Teledata chose the platform due to its multiservice capabilities and scalability which enable them to serve numerous markets via one platform. Additionally, the jitter and quality of service performances by Newtec Dialog allow Teledata to provide a very high quality backhaul service. The simple and cost-effective migration from existing technology to the Newtec Dialog platform was also a key factor.

Simplifying daily operations

“Upgrading our networks to a single multiservice platform using Newtec Dialog enables us to simplify our day-to-day operations and to deliver reliable connectivity to a large number of sites across Mozambique”, said Xavier de Jesus Maria, CEO of Teledata. “The scalability of the platform means it can meet our needs both now and in the future, allowing us to operate flexibly and have the potential to offer improved and additional services for our customers.”

Teledata’s services powered by the Newtec Dialog platform will utilize two spot beams on the Intelsat EpicNG 33e Ku-band High Throughput Satellite (HTS).

Newtec Dialog enables us to simplify our day-to-day operations and to deliver reliable connectivity to a large number of sites across Mozambique.

Capacity gains and cost savings

As well as TDMA and SCPC, Newtec Dialog features the award-winning return link technology Mx-DMA®, which delivers the efficiency of SCPC with the dynamic bandwidth allocation of TDMA. This means that bandwidth can be changed and adapted on-demand, giving more control and increased efficiency while making it easy to shift capacity to each site as required. This is especially useful for HTS-powered services.

Pieter-Paul Mooijman, Newtec’s Regional Sales Director Africa: “Newtec Dialog’s multiservice capabilities and high efficiency have been crucial in the successful commencement of this project. It will deliver significant capacity gains to Teledata by migrating its operations onto a single platform. Alongside this, the flexibility provided by our Mx-DMA return link technology has allowed the company to better manage the bandwidth at its cellular backhaul sites, which will result in significant cost savings.”