AI-based Low Cost Digitalization of Yogurt Production

How can AI-based digitalization of yogurt production increase efficiency and reduce costs? IQOFTHINGS along with MANDREKSA SA and 3CASTALIA TECHNOLOGIES SMPC have set out to find out in their S3FOOD project, YOGUSENSE.

Process Analytical Technology (PAT) is a system for designing, analyzing and controlling processes.  This is being done through measurements of critical process parameters and quality attributes of raw and processed materials. The aim is to improve product quality, increase efficiency and reduce costs. PAT has effectively been employed in high margin industries.

YOGUSENSE aims to capitalize on the capabilities of soft sensing to address quality, efficiency and costs. The project also aims to mainstream the application of PAT among small and medium-sized food producers by demonstrating in a fermentation-based process the commercial feasibility as well as the economic and environmental benefits of a PAT platform. Such a platform fuses data from sensors, analyzers etc. to create optimization models for in-process and real-time quality control.

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