Looking back at the China-EU Semiconductor Summit

DSP Valley, together with BCSemi NL, CyNergy-Consulting and Xiamen Semiconductor Investment Group (XMSIG), co-organized the China-EU Semiconductor Summit on 10 September in Eindhoven. The event focused on further collaboration between the China and European semiconductor industry to develop solutions for 5G, faster wireless internet, self-driving cars and for more innovative health solutions. We reported on its success in October.

Now, we invite you to (re)visit the exciting event visually. Scroll through the pictures and watch the video below to (re)experience the strong ties built among the 30 leading Chinese tech companies (including Xiaomi, Oppo, Silan Microelectronics, Huawei and others) and about 80 European semiconductor companies, including investment institutes, with over 100 industrial leaders, and experts in Eindhoven.

“[It was] a very succesful event,according to Cindy Shao from Cynergy Consulting, one off the organizing parties. “This event brought more than 30 leading Chinese tech companies (including Xiaomi, OPPO, Huawei, etc.) to the Netherlands. Together with European companies, about 80 semiconductor companies including investment institutions, with over 100 industrial leaders and experts came to High Tech Campus in Eindhoven. Several Chinese and European executives came to us with their compliments on this event, including the global VP of IMEC Steve Beckers.”

She continued, “This event has strategically increased the cooperation and communication between European (mainly Dutch and Belgium) semiconductor industry and Chinese market/investment. More collaboration programs are expected to be born out of this summit in the short and long term.”