Dessert production performance based on cloud-assessment

Over the last few years the production of dessert company Dulcegrado has been growing steadily. Now it will analyze the current production system and evaluate the effects of possible modifications in the production process, such as the employment of a HTST pasteurizer.

This is a cross-sectoral collaboration initiative, between companies of Clusaga and ASINCAR, including Dulcegrado, AOTECH and the Galician SME Glaucor.

The project, which has been awarded an S3Food application voucher of up to 180,000 euros, consists of the development of a system to automate the collection of data in the process of dairy production, energy supply and quality control, which will be analyzed on an Internet of Things (IoT) cloud platform.

Through this system and with the introduction of Near Infrared (NIR) technology, a characterization of the production can be obtained, in terms of energy costs and performance, to optimize the use of ingredients and achieve savings in the use of these.

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