Embedded World this year meets our expectations

Each February, the cream of the high tech scene gathers at Embedded World, the most important tradeshow in Embedded Technology of the world. Together with seven members DSP attended the exhibition. A report of the event.

By DSP Valley

An ant’s nest

It’s just past 18 hours as I turn onto the impressive Grosse Strasse in Nürnberg. All seems quiet, but when I access the loading and unloading area behind the halls, lorries, cars and forklifts are driving from one side to the other, people are unloading their cars and carrying stuff to their booth in one of the halls. After parking the car, it is my turn to jump into the crowd. Posters, leaflets, gadgets, water, soda, coffee … you name it, has to be carried to our booth in Hall 4. Inside the halls things look very much like an ant’s nest. People running around, fetching stuff, preparing things, talking or shouting to each other…. You often wonder how they will ever succeed in getting the exhibition ready for the visitors the next day. But somehow they manage, every year again.

Having all the practical stuff taken care of by DSP Valley makes participating to the show a no-brainer (Easics)

I make sure everything from the car is put in the storage room of our booth and check if its construction is build according to plan. Yes, great work from our booth constructor Stand-id!

Time for business!
Ready for the first visitors to appear.

The fair opens at 9 hours, so I try to be there at 8:30 hours. There is already quite some traffic on the Karl Schönlebenstrasse. It sure looks like I am not the only one attending the fair today! I park the car in one of the parking towers and enter the exhibition through the side entrance. With my Exhibitor pass I have earlier access than regular visitors. I make my way to our booth to see that some of the exhibitors are already setting up their demo’s. This year we have seven: Hipperos, IntoPIX, Intrinsic-ID, Easics, AnSem, imec and imec IC-Link.
The first day on the fair starts with an informal moment. We get to know each other and explain where to find all the stuff needed. My job is to make sure every exhibitor is well settled at the assigned desk. All goes well, and soon the first visitors appear at the booth. Time for business!

Hundreds of people stopped by, and quite a number of opportunities were discussed

By closing hour, hundreds of people stopped by, and quite a number of opportunities were discussed. Everybody seems happy with the result and excited about what more is to come. Also Easics: “Having a joint booth with other DSP Valley members and having all the practical stuff taken care of by DSP Valley, makes participating to the show, that keeps growing bigger every year a no-brainer. And that is exactly what we are looking for.”

More people with genuine interest
Some of our members, as ICSense, had their own booth.

Wednesday announces itself to be even more busy than yesterday. My agenda contains some pre-scheduled meetings that I will attend throughout the day. Next to that I visit our other DSP Valley members at their own booth. ICSense is in hall 3, Silex Inside in hall 4A, Synopsys and Sigasi are, fortunately, in our hall 4. All the colleagues agree: day two is even better than day one. This means more people, not only walking around, but also expressing a genuine interest in the booths and the companies. Things are looking good!

Last day of Embedded World traditionally is Student day, the day that a large number of students flood the exhibition floor. An interesting and interested audience, but a bit different from business people. It is great to see that so many youngsters are into technology and want to embark on a career in electronic technology.
Today is also the day that the different exhibitors leave their own booth to visit some of the others. In that aspect, contacts on the third day are mostly fewer, but nonetheless very interesting.
At 17:00 hour, when the bell rings, Embedded World 2018 is over.

Our conclusions
  • More contacts than last year.
  • The co-exhibitors at the DSP Valley group booth were pleased with the organisation and their participation.
  • I felt the overall attendance was far better than last year.
  • Embedded World remains the most important tradeshow in Embedded Technology in the world.
  • Yes… we definitely come back next year! Mark your agenda’s: 26-28 February 2019!