Flexible electronics: towards a one-stop-shop

Light, thin, flexible and portable electronics, produced on a large scale, is what the search for new processing methods is focusing on. During that search players often work on one aspect in the value chain. That means the end customer has to set up the whole value chain by himself. To resolve the issue, enter FLEXLINES.

by DSP Valley

To bridge the gap between players in the value chain , a consortium of leading partners has set up Flexlines. These partners are: TNO (with inputs from Holst Centre / Brightlands Materials Center), imec (research groups in Leuven & Eindhoven, CMST group UGent and IC-Link), TU/e, KU Leuven and DSP Valley.

flexible electronics

Flexlines will develop and coordinate the individual links in the value chain – processes and infrastructure for design and production. The aim is to build a state-of-the-art but stable pilot line and to set up a ‘one-stop-shop’ for the realization of flexible electronics prototypes.  The newsletter keeps you up to date.

Europe: the future of printed electronics

Printing electronics on thin substrates will lead to ultra-light, ultra-thin, flexible, portable electronic products. For example foldable lighting and signage, roll-up solar cells and displays. Europe is leading the development and application of flexible electronics. In order to bring the flexible electronics sector to a higher industrial maturity in Europe, it is important that the players in this production chain collaborate even more intensive than before.

Flexible electronics

The Flexlines partners utilise their already existing ecosystem around the R&D activities. This way, the integration and coordination needed between new production equipment, production technologies, materials and design methodologies is being brought together and meets the needs of the local industry.

This cooperation will be used to break through internationally.

The objectives of Flexlines
  • A pilot infrastructure

The project aims at the expansion of a flexible electronics pilot infrastructure. This for both research and development of products with local industry. Objective is the implementation of essential production investments and improvement of design and production processes.

  • A one-stop-shop

Flexlines will be setting up a ‘one-stop-shop’ for the realization of prototypes of flexible electronics applications for parties that are unfamiliar with the underlying technology. The intention is to harmonize the activities through one counter. The one-stop-shop wants to offer a solution according to the needs of the “customer”.

  • Prototypes

In order to support the industry, a number of demonstrators will serve as the first validation for the developed design and manufacturing activities. The prototypes will also be used as showcases, to inform about the possibilities.

Meet Flexlines at its breakfast session

Flexlines organizes a breakfast meeting (May 23rd 2019, 8h30 – 10h30) in Ghent, Belgium, at the Advanced Engineering Fair. At this session you get presentations on the plans and progress of the pilot line and on the one-stop-shop.

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flexible electronics

flexible electronics