HYPEREGIO-Innovation2Market project offers you hands-on support

Friday afternoon, March 16 in Hasselt. About 50 people make their way to the Corda Campus to attend the first HYPEREGIO – Industry2Market event. A special kick-off!

By DSP Valley

Focus of this event is the quality inspection and quality control in an industrial environment. Before the more technical speakers start elaborating on their expertise, Mr. Ralf P. Meyer from AGIT draws the framework of the HYPEREGIO project and therefor also for this event. In short the HYPEREGIO-Innovation2Market project aims at creating extra value by stimulating cross-border cooperation in the region near the Belgian-Dutch-German border. The project team has the task to form cross-border consortia around several application domains. Those consortia can even apply for a 6.000 Euro voucher to support innovative cooperation.

As a first presenter on the technological topic of the day, Arnoud de Kuijper from Averna Technologies elaborates on Industry 4.0 and its impact  on regular manufacturing sites and production facilities. The second presenter, Tom Redant from Hammer-IMS gives more details on the process of upscaling a lab-concept into an industrially feasible product.

Food for discussion

The first two presentations are meant to set the scene. The nine following pitches want to trigger the attendants for possible ideas, questions, food for discussion. There are pitches from technology providers and from companies with opportunities and challenges. The ideal mix to get vivid one-on-one talks in the final part of the event. During these discussion sessions the rumour level increases and “Zaal 5” of the Corda Campus forms the stage for in depth business talks and great networking.

At the refreshing drink afterwards in the Corda Bar people again find their partners in conversation to close the event and start a well-deserved weekend.

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