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IoT is considered the biggest phenomenon to improve our lives. It is set to transform our world completely. Companies making the step towards the enabling of data for big data, machine learning, Artificial Intelligence and cognitive services are said to expect significant growth in their revenues by 2020.

by Thaumatec

The Internet of Things has revolutionized the concept of smart and connected products in the market. IoT in the simplest of definitions would be described as a “world where just about anything can be connected and communicated in an intelligent manner; meaning products like sensors, data storage, microprocessors, combined hardware or software have the capability of being smart while having wireless connectivity and transferring data to whoever wants it”.

The Advantages of IoT

Smarter, connected products, besides offering greater opportunities, immense reliability and higher product utilization  IoT also improves automated processes and best of all it reduces company costs. The Internet of Things has a huge impact on many different branches. However, it is a challenging task for growing companies, that want to grasp the opportunity of the Internet of Things and take advantage of it.

That’s why Thaumatec developed a standard, 5-step IoT Business Accelerator Program for potential customers and partners, who don’t know how to apply IoT into their daily business. With the 5-step approach Thaumatec create the ideal environment to help you evolve your strategy into something that becomes profitable in the near future. Internet of Things adds value to your business model in many ways, such as optimizing your operational performance, reducing your product and service costs, improving of customer experience and other improvements in other areas as well.

Internet of Things optimizes your operational performance, reduces your product and service costs and improves customer experience.

IOT Business Accelerator Program

Before explaining the 5-step program, it is important to have an insight into your business . That’s why, we are starting with phase 0 – Business Strategy. After all IoT will help to add value.

IOT Business Accelerator Program

The first step is Internet of Things bootcamp. Here we apply IoT to your business model. The goal is to set the scene (like future perspectives and use-case scenes), making it real by proposing alternating solutions and making it matter by combining the new information of IoT within your business and its outcomes.

The IoT bootcamp consists of 3 parts: Setting the Scene, Making it Real, Making it Matter. First, we explore the Internet of Things more in depth, than we look at some IoT solutions and explore the different components in practice and finally – we combine the newly acquired knowledge of IoT with your business model and the outcomes of phase 0 – Business Strategy

Turning idea into reality

The second step is Proof of Concept, in this stage, the idea becomes reality. We gather and analyze data to see if we can confirm the IoT business case. It helps you save future costs, since we don’t develop a project that can’t be transformed into real business.

The third step is Proof of Solution. It consists of acquiring the licenses or contracts to make the concept happen. In phase 3 the technical Proof of Concept is turned into a solution that is production ready.

In phase 3 the technical Proof of Concept is turned into a solution that is production ready.

The last two phases are about ‘building and implementation’ of developed IoT solutions and ‘operation and maintenance’. For this last phase, the name of the step is self-explanatory.

Benefits of the IoT Business Accelerator Program

This IoT Business Accelerator Program is a workshop that guarantees a full explanation of IoT and its benefits, it foresees training of your employees and makes your business strategies successful.

For more information download the IoT Business Accelerator Program brochure.

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