Help for our semiconductor industry looking for business in China

China is the largest manufacturer in the world of consumer electronics. They are also the country with the largest import of integrated circuits (IC). But the last will soon come to an end, since the Chinese government wants the country to become independent of foreign IC production within five years.

by DSP Valley

Encouraging own semiconductor industry

As a result of this government decision China today invests heavily in building chip factories. At the same time the government is encouraging the Chinese semiconductor industry to partner with peers in Europe to obtain access to necessary technologies, IP and specific knowledge. This is why we recently have seen an increased interest from Chinese semiconductor companies and Chinese investment groups to engage with the DSP Valley ecosystem.

Some recent examples of Chinese investments in our economy ensured further growth.

European companies from their side still consider investments by Chinese as too much of a threat. They are afraid they will be acquired and their technologies and IP will be brought to China. Nevertheless, we recently saw some examples of Chinese investments – in Ampleon and Nexperia – that turned out to ensure further growth of these companies’ businesses. The investments even resulted in a boost for the Dutch and regional economies.

Chinese incubator looking for European partners

A few weeks ago we met Xiamen Semiconductor Investment Group (XMSIG). The group, founded in 2016, is based in Xiamen, one of the four strategic semiconductor regions in China. They visited our region for the second time. Since 2016, XMSIG became one of the largest investors in their region. With a professional team having a strong semiconductor background, the company is specifically interested in engaging with the European semiconductor industry and with our local IC-design houses. This is not only for financial investments, but even more to establish contacts between these companies and potential business partners in the Chinese market.

XMSIG is specifically interested in engaging with the European semiconductor industry and with our local IC-design houses.

XMSIG considers itself as a kind of business accelerator for our semiconductor industry and as an incubator of Chinese start-ups. Main areas of interest to XMSIG are chips, software (algorithms), IP and key technologies for 5G, automotive, IoT, AI, packaging & assembly, etc. If you are member of our DSP Valley cluster and you are interested to find out how Xiamen Semiconductor Investment Group can help you expand your business in China, please let us know so we can bring your company to their attention.

For more information, please contact Guus Dhaeze.