REALSEC includes Silex Insight crypto solutions

Silex Insight, leading provider of security IP cores, closed a contract with REALSEC, a premier HSM technology vendor with international presence. From now on Silex Insight provides REALSEC with its crypto solutions, which have the highest quality standards and certifications in the industry (FIPS 140-2 Level 3 and PCI PTS HSM v2.0).

by Silex Insight

REALSEC launches its new HSM (Hardware Security Module) Cryptosec Dekaton PCIe, a high-performance cryptographic device hardware, with PCI Express format. It is a must for companies that have a need for best-of-class and robust security, including ultra-safe generation of signatures and storage and safeguarding of cryptographic keys and certificates. For those customers with the highest requirements in terms of throughput, Cryptosec Dekaton is the answer. It executes up to 50,000 RSA transactions per second.

Silex Insight allows a quick set-up of the crypto cores.

Highest security certifications available

Luis Jesús Hernández Amo, Hardware Area Manager at REALSEC, says the company selected Silex Insight’s IP to have the highest security certifications available. “These security certifications are a must-have for us and with Silex Insight IP, we pass with ease the FIPS 140-2 Level 3 and PCI PTS HSM v2.0 certifications“. REALSEC’s customers are sector leaders such as industry, governments and more than 150 banks from all over the world. “Silex Insight allows a quick set-up of the crypto cores, and makes it possible for us to offer high cryptographic performance” says Luis Jesús Hernández Amo. “Moreover we were satisfied with the professional support of the Silex Insight engineers. And there are of course the other REALSEC’s HSM features such as tamper resistance and responsiveness.”

The Silex Insight crypto solutions are valued for being world‘s leading in flexibility and scalability, ultra-high speed performance and compact footprint.

Ease of integration

The crypto solution is part of the Silex Insight comprehensive library of flexible security IP solutions. “Our crypto solutions are valued by the market for being world‘s leading in flexibility and scalability, ultra-high speed performance and compact footprint“, says Sébastien Rabou, Security Division Director at Silex Insight. “Our customers can only be successful in this extremely competitive and rapidly changing landscape, if they can integrate our crypto IP without any delay and with minimal additional cost to achieve their time to market. Next to making our IP scalable, we also put a lot of effort in the ease of integration. And that choice is clearly appreciated by partners such as REALSEC.”