SmartSprout: sensor-integrated resource efficiency and quality control

SmartSprout is a validation project in the S3Food project applying smart vision technology to the trimming of brussels sprouts, using sensor-integrated visual inspection and sorting. That way SmartSprout intends to optimize the key priorities for food processors: resource efficiency and quality control. The project aims to reduce waste and manual labour and to generate reliable data to secure consistent food quality and traceability.

Using a solution based on a ‘sproutcam’, sorting carrousel and trimming machine, the objective is to minimize food waste, ensure uniform quality and increase processing capacity with less labour requirements. The system will also provide detailed data on food safety and process performance.

TechNature – a producer of high-tech solutions for the agri-food market and the lead SME- anticipates the system will benefit processing companies, retailers and consumers. TechNature is collaborating with Bac Investments, which processes agricultural products at facilities in Poland. Both partners are based in The Netherlands.

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