Telerex customized thermal capabilities

Electronics produce heat. That needs to be extracted from the applications that produce it. Heat sinks are the preferred way to cool the object with. But Heat pipes might be a better solution. Telerex helps you choose the right thermal solution.

by Telerex

Despite enormous advances in electronic circuits and conductors, a great deal of power in each application is still normally converted into (unwanted) heat as a by-product. And while circuits are becoming more compact and more powerful, the housings are becoming increasingly smaller, so that the need for effective heat extraction is also increasing. Heat sinks are the preferred way for objects to be cooled on a big surface. It sounds simple, but selecting the right heat sink is not so easy. Among others construction shape, air speed, and the used materials play a major role in the effectiveness of this cooling method.

And do not underestimate the importance of the thermal interface. Effective cooling stands and falls with good thermal conductivity. Heat Pipes are also a very effective technology. They are the conveyors within electronic cooling units and the ideal way of transferring heat from point A to point B. Especially if there are hot spots or where there is too little space for a cooling unit next to the object that needs cooling. For example in compact electronic devices such as laptops, computers or portable devices.

Thermal software simulations

Telerex has more than forty years of experience as a supplier for the original equipment manufacturer (OEM) markets. We are often involved in new developments and applications. The knowledge we built up over the years, we now pass on through thermal engineering services, analyses, thermal training and much more. Next to the purely theoretical approach, Telerex has the facilities for carrying out thermal software simulations. These analyses can be done from the smallest unit such as die, chip, PCB, machine, to a full complete system with several kinds of environmental conditions. This allows us to realize a correct thermal design from the beginning. In addition of these analyses we can built your first prototypes and validate them in our thermal lab, using several instruments as wind tunnels, IR camera’s, climate chambers and more.

Thanks to our experience and facilities, we can realize a correct thermal design from the beginning and offer you customized support on every level.


To create your applications we have a very broad standard product range, supplying products from leading and approved thermal manufacturers, from patents and from own solutions. We offer customer support on every level, from technical support to cost-efficiency solutions as to fast delivery of samples worldwide.

Interested in a tailor made thermal solution? Contact Patrick Casteleyn (Product Manager Thermal Management) for more information.