Smart Bikes looking for partners

January 19th, 2018 the Smart Bike consortium and user group gather in Kortrijk for the next meeting of their Smart Bike project. There is some tension in the air. There was an required evaluation by VLAIO and today the user group will learn if the project will be prolonged or not.

By DSP Valley

The news is good. The first two years have been positively evaluated. The industrial relevance of the project is proven, and the individual support given to the involved companies was greatly appreciated. However, there are some points that need extra attention. The most important one is the general and collective outreach of the project. To improve their scope, the project consortium will organize more seminars and workshops in the near future.

After this positive message and the explanation by both Bikevalley and DSP Valley on the progress made, it is time for the partner matching. About ten companies introduce themselves and their projects during a 5-minute pitch. The topics addressed range from bike sharing and storage solutions over software solutions for IoT to hardware platforms for communication with several sensor nodes. Goal is to find some common ground for further development and cooperation with one or more interested parties from the audience. If the pitchers find the consent and support needed, then follow-up meetings are being arranged. The further support of the Smart Bike consortium will depend on the success of these meetings. Luckily common ground is found, partnerships on the verge of being forged.

This Smart Bike meeting fell together with Velofollies 2018, a plus for everybody.

An important key to the success of this event was that it was organised to fit into the bigger picture of the Vélofollies, a fair dedicated to bikes and biking. A large number of the participants in the partner matching afterwards visited the fair. All the relevant organizations present at the same time at the same place.

Do you want to join the smart bike community? Contact Bjorn Van de Vondel for more information.