How to do business with Boston Scientific?

Boston Scientific wants to transform lives through meaningful innovations and promotes cooperation’s with external partners to enable those.

by DSP Valley

With $9 billion in sales, offering over 13 000 different products divided over seven operating divisions and spending nearly $1 billion annually in R&D, Boston Scientific Corporation (BSC) is one of world’s largest and most successful medical companies and ranked in the Fortune 500 list. The company is committed to transforming lives through meaningful innovations leading to new medical solutions that improve the health of patients. Given the increasing diversity of embedded cutting edge technologies and the increasing spectrum of novel medical products, they are continuously working and scouting for partners they can team up with. This cooperation can be shaped in many forms: regarding novel products helping them either with their research, with clinical trials or by obtaining CE or FDA approvals for specific products, with financial investments, or in any other way. Or regarding cutting edge embedded technologies that can integrated in next generation BSC products, cooperating with external partners to test and adapt the technology allowing integration.

Boston Scientific scouting team

Boston Scientific has designed a dedicated corporate scouting team around the world , that concentrates its efforts in three areas:

  • Continuous Exploration (rapid assessment of novel developing areas & related products)
  • Global Needs Search (technical or product needs expressed by internal divisions)
  • Global R&D Citizens (local regional-relevant projects, incentivising local BSC collaborations )

They are specifically alert to identify solutions that are:

  • Almost ready for a market introduction
  • Cutting edge technologies that are still in trial phase
  • Novel product approaches adjacent to the core business of the BSC divisions

The Boston Scientific scouting team focuses on Continuous Exploration, Global Needs Search and global R&D Citizens

Disease areas of interest
  • Neurological (i.e. Chronic pain, Parkinson’s Disease, Tremors)
  • Respiratory (Asthma, Lung cancer, COPD)
  • Cardiovascular (Coronary and peripheral artery disease, Heart failure, Stroke risk reduction or treatment, Arrhythmias, Valvular heart disease)
  • Digestive (Colon, Pancreatic or Liver cancer, Gastro-intestinal bleeding)
  • Urology & Pelvic Health (Kidney stones, Enlarged prostate, Heavy menstrual bleeding, Uterine fibroids & polyps)
  • Oncology (minimally invasive approach)
  • Digital Health solutions in any of these fields.

Do you think your company has a technology or solution that might fit with the areas of interest of BSC and you would like to investigate possible collaboration with BSC, please contact Peter Simkens at DSP Valley and he will bring you in contact with the Boston Scientific scout in your region.