Your benefit in DSP Valley’s internationalization in MedTech?

Since June 2017, DSP Valley is participating in a ERDF project on “Internationalisation for BioTech, MedTech and RegMed”, under the lead of the Province of Flemish Brabant. Which are the benefits this initiative is bringing to the DSP Valley cluster?

By DSP Valley

In the DSP Valley cluster, we are actively stimulating innovation partnerships between technology developers from the micro/nano-electronics and other digital technology domains, with system integrators in smart electronic systems. One of the focal domains is smart health. This is not by coincidence: businesses in the DSP Valley cluster have world class competencies in extreme miniaturisation and in ultra-low power electronics, as well as in sensor technologies and RF, both in digital and in analog and mixed signal. Especially these competencies are critical enablers for smart health applications, such as body wearable and body implantable devices, or lab-on-chip solutions for in-vitro diagnostics. This makes Flanders, the home region of the DSP Valley cluster, a hot spot for these types of medical devices.

In the Internationalisation project, it is our aim and ambition to connect Flanders with other hotspots in these MedTech applications. The regions we think about are Switzerland, the region of Baden-Württemberg in Germany, and our neighbouring region of Southern Netherlands (in which DSP Valley is also active). With these regions, we are setting up dedicated seminars or conferences on implantable devices. We also organise dedicated B2B matchmakings, helping you to connect with international players in this domain, both from the technology side and the application side. And we promote our region as the place-to-be for all players in body wearable and body implantable devices, and in lab-on-chip, growing our local ecosystem with international players. And of course, offering more next-door cooperation opportunities for you, partners in the DSP Valley cluster, is also on our list.

Finally, we will go international with participation in specialised medtech conferences and exhibitions. We are currently exploring and preparing a group participation in the Medtech Conference, to be held in September 2018 in Philadelphia.

Are you interested in interacting with our leading cluster members in implantable and wearable devices, and in lab-on-chip devices for in-vitro diagnostics. Or you want to participate in one of these activities? Then don’t hesitate to contact Peter Simkens.

Looking forward to hearing from you!