Successful innovation session for neurology at

On 21, 22 and 23 March 2018, the 20th edition of the international clinical symposium ‘’ took place in Heeze, The Netherlands. Each year, this regional reference event for companies wanting to lead in novel healthcare solutions, hosts over 650 delegates. Central theme of the symposium was ‘Clinical practice and guidelines’.

by DSP Valley

Kempenhaeghe is a leading academic center of medical expertise, offering diagnosis and treatment for adults and children suffering from a complex form of epilepsy, a sleeping disorder and/or neurological learning disabilities. For the early diagnosis and treatment of epilepsy and other neurological diseases, Kempenhaeghe collaborates intensively with other epilepsy centers hospitals, academic centers and with the industry both in the Netherlands and abroad.

Every year, part of the program of is a session where representatives from healthcare and industry meet and where the industry presents the latest innovative developments on  diagnosis and treatment. During state-of-art main sessions, workshops and parallel sessions, recent progress in treating epilepsy, sleep disorders and cognitive dysfunction are discussed.

Pitches for neurology

This year a successful innovation session for neurology took place on March 22nd with technology pitches from industry and healthcare. This session was co-organized by Kempenhaeghe, Innovationlab Technical University of Eindhoven, DSP Valley, the University of Ghent and the University of Maastricht. For an audience of approximately 90 attendees, 14 companies (start-up’s and SME’s), some of which DSP Valley members, gave pitches on the detection of epileptic seizures, sleep monitoring and apnea detection, Point of Care for the early detection of Alzheimer’s disease, CVA prevention by early AFIB detection, improved electrodes for EEG detection, multiple scleroses monitoring and non-intrusive solutions for patient and elderly monitoring.

Kempenhaeghe day2
Fast time-to-market with OP Zuid

Many of these new developments involve wearable devices and wireless connectivity. This motivated DSP Valley to give a pitch on the OP Zuid Smart Systems project. This project focuses on engaging all relevant stakeholders in the Internet-of-Things ecosystem to speed up development and allow a fast time-to-market for IoT solutions in healthcare and smart industries.

After the pitches there was time for networking and visiting a small expo market where several companies presented and demonstrated their products.

It is fair to say that this year’s ‘’ was a great success. If other members are interested to join us at this event next year, they can contact Guus Dhaeze.