LACROIX Group positions itself as European leader in Smart City technology with the acquisition of Belgian company Smartnodes

By Lacroix Group

LACROIX Group has just concluded a strategic deal by acquiring the Belgian start-up Smartnodes, a small company founded on inter-university research which has won numerous international awards for its innovations in Smart Lighting systems.

This start-up, with around fifteen employees, strengthens the European position of LACROIX Group in the Smart Cities market, complementing its offer related to the intelligent management of street lighting infrastructure.

With Smartnodes, the group is expanding its offer thanks to dynamic products at the cutting edge of technology, while also strengthening its highly skilled engineering teams. In doing so, it aims to accelerate its ability to implement new road-management use cases by harnessing street lighting infrastructure with dynamic technology. Smart Lighting regulates the zones, times and intensity of lighting for environmentally friendly cities, while retaining visual attractiveness and safety. Available in all public places, the street lighting network, fitted with new sensors, thus becomes the support base for the development of Smart City networks.

LACROIX Group strengthens its European position as a Smart City technology provider.

Already established in Spain, Germany and Italy, LACROIX Group is expanding its European footprint with the acquisition of Smartnodes.  After covering Belgium and the Netherlands, the priority targets for Smartnodes are France, the DACH countries (Germany, Austria and Switzerland) and Northern Europe, drawing on an extensive and highly dynamic offer.

 “With a keen high-tech focus, the company Smartnodes, a spin-off of the University of Liège and the University of Louvain, is a pure start-up which, in a very short space of time, has successfully developed and marketed outside Belgium a range of detection and communication (IoT) products based on the implementation of a low-bandwidth mesh network and edge-computing systems. Smartnodes can rely on a very fine team of engineers and sales representatives committed to meeting the challenges of tomorrow’s cities,” emphasises Jean Beka, CEO of Smartnodes.

An acquisition in line with LACROIX Group’s Smart Cities growth strategy.

“The arrival of Smartnodes, following on from the group’s acquisition of Sogexi in 2016, strengthens our European leadership in the field of smart street lighting management. This is in line with the takeover of SAE IT-systems at the beginning of 2019 in support of our goal to become the technological equipment leader in the Smart Cities market,” says Vincent Bedouin, LACROIX Group’s Chairman and CEO.


LACROIX Group is an international technological equipment manufacturer, aiming to serve a connected and responsible world with its technical and industrial excellence. Registered as a family business, the Group is able to combine the agility necessary to innovate in a constantly changing technological world with the longterm vision to invest in and build the future.

LACROIX Group provides connected, secure equipment for the management of smart road infrastructure (street lighting, traffic management and regulation, signage, V2X) through LACROIX City and for the management of water and energy infrastructure through LACROIX Environment.

LACROIX Group also develops and produces electronic equipment for its automobile, home automation, aeronautics, industry and healthcare customers through LACROIX Electronics.

Far from having big futuristic plans which are totally unrealistic, the Group works with its customers and partners to link today’s world and tomorrow’s world. By helping them to build the industry of the future and to benefit from the innovation opportunities all around us, LACROIX Group provides the equipment for a smarter world.

The Group has its head office in Saint Herblain, and operates in France, Germany, Poland, Tunisia, Spain, Italy and Singapore. It has a turnover of €468 M. It is managed by Vincent Bedouin. 70% of its capital is family-owned and 30% is listed in Compartment C of Euronext. Further information:


Smartnodes is a company specialising in the development and marketing of communication modules fitted with sensors and edge-computing technology for Smart City solutions.  Smartnodes distributes its IOT products to public authorities, as well as to the private sector.

The company is based in Liège, Belgium.  Further information:

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The Business Advantages of Microsoft Azure

By Thaumatec

Microsoft Azure on a daily basis keeps on making strides, according to the publicly available earnings (revenue generated) reveal that “The seven biggest enterprise-cloud vendors are Microsoft, Amazon, IBM, Salesforce, Oracle, SAP, and Google.” Given the importance of Microsoft Azure in the world, what exactly are we dealing with here? Azure in simple words, is a cloud computing platform that supports operating systems, tools, databases programming languages and devices. Azure has proven to be a powerful platform that has brought revenues and benefits from the smallest of companies to multinational corporations.

What is the deal with Microsoft Azure?

The number of companies using Azure is constantly increasing, cloud based models are without a doubt practical business solutions. The reason for this high buzz is due to quantifiable services provided e. g. analytics, computing, mobile apps, networking, storage and more. Tools like this provide knowledge and power, meaning it determines the company’s weaknesses and strengths and the power to decide what will be the next move. A tool that is indeed powerful and does not want your competitor to catch you without it.

What Benefits will it bring to any company?

Speed is an asset that nobody can live without these days and that’s exactly one of the biggest benefits of Azure. Speed is crucial in terms of deployment, operation, and scalability. Being up-to-date with cloud technology for sure gives you a competitive advantage. Azure is known for its capacity for storing data, facilitating faster content delivery and sharing reliable data across virtual machines. Additionally, Azure can be deployed anywhere, it provides end-to-end solutions and software updates are automated. Rarely one size fits all, Azure is perfect for small or big companies; meaning that it is designed to meet your IT demands and it operates according to your business budget. Security, compliance and disaster recovery are Azure’s finest. It protects your data because both the platform and end-users are protected, it also provides recovery abilities that can restore information in a matter of hours.

Future of Azure

It’s unlikely to compete with your competitors nowadays without having Azure in your company. Azure has positioned itself as one of the top cloud companies, it’s market share increases and the majority of businesses are trying to stay updated in the non-stop growing market of the cloud. Azure, besides being one of the top leading cloud platform companies of the world, it also brings to the table, top-notch performances to your business. Speed, agility, world-known reputation, reliability, end to end solutions, fast recovery, enterprise security, flexibility, and adaptability are a few words to describe all the benefits Azure can bring to your company. Do not try to be caught off guard without Azure in any business or else the competition will lead the pathway. IT companies such as Thaumatec, with expertise on Microsoft Azure, invite you to implement this cloud computing platform or simply upgrade it to your business. It is time for you to stay ahead of your competition and Thaumatec will help you deliver that.

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