China-EU Semiconductor Summit Demonstrates a Strong Demand for Further Collaboration

DSP Valley, together with BCSemi NL, CyNergy-Consulting and Xiamen Semiconductor Investment Group (XMSIG), co-organized the China-EU Semiconductor Summit on 10 September in Eindhoven. The event focused on further collaboration between the China and European semiconductor industry to develop solutions for 5G, faster wireless internet, self-driving cars and for more innovative health solutions.

More than 30 leading Chinese tech companies (including Xiaomi, Oppo, Silan Microelectronics, Huawei and others) travelled roughly 8000 kilometers specifically to participate this event. In total, about 80 semiconductor companies, including investment institutes, with over 100 industrial leaders, and experts came together at the HighTech Campus in Eindhoven.

A great and diverse roster of speakers and attendees

In their interesting keynote speeches, Steve Beckers, VP at imec, and Kavé Kianush, VP and CTO at Catena, shared their experiences doing business for many years with Chinese companies. Mr. Huilian Wang, CEO at XMSIG, presented the fast developments in the semicon industry in China.

Steve Beckers speaking to participants of the China-EU Semiconductors Summit
Steve Beckers, VP at imec, speaking to participants

Many Belgium and Dutch participants took the opportunity to introduce and highlight their companies by presenting a company pitch.

In the afternoon the Chinese and European companies had the opportunity to get to know each other better in a series of face-to-face matchmaking sessions. Despite the 180 sessions in total, organized at 18 different tables in 10 sequential time slots, the matchmaking sessions proved insufficient to meet everyone’s top-5 meeting requests. Many of these first contacts resulted in appointments for follow-up discussion and many business cards were exchanged.

Vincent van der Leest, Director Product Marketing at Intrinsic-ID, characterized overall impressions of the event well, saying, “The China-EU Semiconductor Summit was a great way for us to bring the attention of several large corporation in China to our business. Being able to pitch about our company and technology, followed by individual matchmaking, allowed us to take significant steps forward with several potential customers.”

Wouter Steyaert, CEO of Tusk IC was also very positive about the event: “A great and diverse roster of speakers and attendees. We’re looking forward to continue talks with both the Chinese and EU partners at the event.”

The event also got the attention of the most prestigious IC media company in China, Jiwei, who posted about it on their social media.

Several of the Chinese participants insisted that we should follow-up and organize a counter visit for our European semiconductor companies to China in 2020. We are investigating this. More information possibilities to join us on a China-EU Semiconductor Summit 2020 in China, will follow.