Welcome to DSP Valley!

DSP Valley is one of FIT’s strategic partners again!

With its new #FlandersAccelerates strategy FIanders Investment & Trade (FIT) brings Flanders’ economy to new international heights. To make it happen, the government agency is uniting a new team of 21 structural partners. And we’re proud  to be part of it! As a structural partner of FIT for the next 5 years (2022-2026), we’ll help drive Flanders’ economy forward. On November 25th, our CEO Dieter Therssen signed the partnership agreement in the presence of Flanders’ Minister-President Jan Jambon and FIT CEO Claire Tillekaerts.

We are proud and excited to partner up with FIT as part of the motivated partner team that also includes: Agoria, BCECC, BVA, BICCI, De Blauwe Cluster, essenscia Vlaanderen, Fedustria, Fevia Vlaanderen, flanders.healthTech, flanders.bio, FLEGA, Flux50, Medtech Flanders, SIM, The Beacon, UNIZO Internationaal, VKW Limburg, VCKK, VIL and Voka.

Discover how these partnerships contribute to more internationalization, growth, jobs and prosperity: www.flandersinvestmentandtrade.com/en.

We are a network for companies creating, applying, and adapting to electronic solutions and digital technologies.

DSP Valley nurtures digital business development. We believe it is vital in the face of the inevitability of digital transformations. Our raison d’être is two-fold: to enable new digital technologies while also helping those who must use that technology to adapt with it.


Emphasis on digital business development. “Breeding” with regard to animals is about multiplying them, but also about raising them. Shepherding them through their life stages. This is how we see our mission: to not only multiply business opportunities and pair partners to create good offspring combinations — but to also help them come to fruition, to realize their full potential.

Collaborative Business Development

Affectionately called #CollaborativeBizDev. We help you discover new business opportunities at a collective level: the potential for a digital technology across a value chain, beyond a single company’s perspective through discussion with various stakeholders. Our emphasis is on bringing digital business to fruition through networks and consortia.