Welcome to DSP Valley!

We are a network for companies creating, applying, and adapting to electronic solutions and digital technologies.

DSP Valley nurtures digital business development. We believe it is vital in the face of the inevitability of digital transformations. Our raison d’être is two-fold: to enable new digital technologies while also helping those who must use that technology to adapt with it.


Emphasis on digital business development. “Breeding” with regard to animals is about multiplying them, but also about raising them. Shepherding them through their life stages. This is how we see our mission: to not only multiply business opportunities and pair partners to create good offspring combinations — but to also help them come to fruition, to realize their full potential.

Collaborative Business Development

Affectionately called #CollaborativeBizDev. We help you discover new business opportunities at a collective level: the potential for a digital technology across a value chain, beyond a single company’s perspective through discussion with various stakeholders. Our emphasis is on bringing digital business to fruition through networks and consortia.

Ascent +, a funded H2020 program to access leading edge nanoelectronics resources, is now for SMEs too, and it is simple, fast and free-of-charge!

Ascent+, of which DSP Valley is a partner, aims at servicing SMEs and startups, but your feedback is required at this early stage, to fine-tune the program to your needs.

Whether you are developing a disruptive device from scratch, or simply need some assistance in the field of design, test, fabrication, nanocharacterization or failure analysis of optoelectronics components, the Ascent+ team should be able to help you.

The only associated cost for you will be to give a testimonial about the quality of the support that you receive, in the frame of the program.

If you are an SME and are open to transnational collaboration with one of the large nanoelectronics Research and Technology Organizations—CEAtech LETI, Fraunhoffer Mikroelectronik, IMEC, INL, Tyndall National Institute—please spare of few minutes of your time to respond to this survey and help us …help you.”