AnSem celebrates 20th anniversary with strong growth in ASIC supply

AnSem exists 20 years. Since its creation the company grew organically into the leading ASIC design and supply company it is today. And growth by an excellent service and highly reliable ASIC delivery is still the plan.

by AnSem

On February 13, AnSem celebrated its 20th anniversary. Stefan Gogaert and Jan Crols founded AnSem 20 years ago and since then, the company grew organically into the leading fabless ASIC design and supply company it is today. AnSem started out with two employees and has now grown to 60 in Leuven, Belgium and in Enschede, the Netherlands together. One project grew into more than 60 successfully delivered chips. Recently, AnSem became Cyients’ worldwide R&D center of excellence for turnkey, custom, and smart analog front-end chips and sensors. These sensors will enable clients to collect and collate IoT data for industrial, automotive, and medical applications.

One stop shop

AnSem provides TurnKey IC services in the industrial, medical, consumer and automotive field and is a one stop shop covering IC design and supply until the end of life of the product. In this business model, AnSem also takes responsibility for the IC Productisation and delivers IC’s in high volume by offering supply chain management services.

To successfully launch multiple custom ICs in production , AnSem appointed last year Ronald Kloos as VP Productisation and Supply. With more than 28 years of experience in bringing new consumer IC’s into high volume production, Ronald will lead the Productisation and Supply chain management team at AnSem.

“A large part of the future revenue growth of AnSem will come from supplying tested, qualified components to our customers. Ronald’s wealth of experience in transitioning an ASIC from engineering samples into high volume production will provide AnSem’s customers with an excellent service and highly reliable ASICs. The acquisition by Cyient will give AnSem more capabilities to grow together with the needs of the customers. It will continue to invest in its AnSem locations to grow the turnkey IC design and supply service to a true global activity”, said Stefan Gogaert, VP Operations – Semiconductor and General manager Cyient Belgium.

Another 20 years? Yes, AnSem will keep growing step by step. On the one hand by increasing the volume of produced and sold custom chips; on the other hand by keeping building expertise in many analog, mixed-signal and RF fields.

That is what AnSem has to offer: innovative IC design and high quality supply chain management services!