Cascade funding something for you?

Do you know about cascade funding? You have probably heard the expression before and might know it has something to do with financial support for smart tech projects. If you’re interested, DSP Valley can give you more details about some of these open calls for support.

By DSP Valley

When you google ‘cascade funding’ on the internet you will find that it is ‘public EU funding easy to apply for by innovative digital start-ups and experiments’. This might concern you or one of your projects, no? This type of funding resorts under the EU Research and Innovation programme (2014-2020), better known as the Horizon 2020 Programme. What many people don’t know, is that for certain topics, the programme approves projects which foresee financial support to third parties. This means, that some granted EU projects may , in turn, issue open calls to distribute funding among final beneficiaries (including tech start-ups, scale-ups and/or SMEs). Here, ‘open’ means ‘open to the public’, any entity fulfilling each call’s rules can apply.

Most of the open calls issued during Horizon 2020 can be classified under one (or more) of the following domains: Future Internet, Smartization, Industry 4.0, IoT, Robotics, Big Data, Photonics, Innovation throughout value chains, and the nexus between creativity and technology.

DSP Valley can give you more details about the funding for some of these projects, and more specifically:

  • setting up an application experiment in Customized Low-Energy Computing with an academic partner or an SME from another European country. Successful proposals can receive up to € 50 000.
  • experimental validation of your wireless innovation using advanced Software Defined Radio capabilities. You can receive up to € 50 000 funding per experiment and technical support by highly skilled people.
  • trying to access new markets or growing your business by integrating flexible electronics technologies into advanced products and services. The budget available for an Application Experiment is up to € 165.000.

You are interested in one of these open calls? Contact Peter Simkens for more information.