Colorfy is a product design, development and innovation firm headquartered in Berlin. We design and engineer advanced physical and digital products. Our team of designers, entrepreneurs and technologists transform strategic discussions into tangible products and experiences. Aside from our professional expertise, our unfeigned curiosity and interest in the world of technology enables us to develop prorotypes and final products quickly, because we know from experience that the next revolution is always just around the corner.

Colorfy is specialized in advanced IoT solutions that consist of embedded hardware, mobile apps and backends. We are following the trend where more intelligence is moving from the backend towards the edge of the network. In practice this means more intelligent hardware. From dumb sensor to smart ones with more advanced algorithms. Currently AI(ML) is still centered in the cloud but also here we are working to migrate towards the edge. Technology includes robotization, smart algorithms (incl ML), deployment of qualified ML into edge devices.

Neue GrünStrasse 17

Hof 1, Aufgang 4
10179 Berlin


Digital Technologies – Connect Level
Smart Cities – Connect Level