ACE electronics makes Belgian assemblies of electronic equipment competitive

Manufacturers increasingly bring their assemblies of electronic equipment and printed circuit boards  back to Belgian subcontractors.

by ACE electronics

Multiple established names and fast-growing companies find their way to ACE electronics to establish long term collaborations. Names like OPTION, Communithings, Railnova, Luminex, SECURITAS are fine examples of new challenges on top of the loyal customerbase ACE electronics is proud to serve for almost 25 years.

To serve its clients with the quality they are used to ACE electronics keeps investing in it’s machinery park. That way the Belgian production becomes even more competitive. ACE electronics makes this happen with a:

  • third pick and place machine from MYCRONIC MY200.
  • replacement of older Vapor Phase by a new Vapor Phase VP1000-66 from Asscon.
  • selective soldering machine VERSAFLOW 3 from ERSA to automatically solder through-hole components on PCB’s with SMD components on both sides.
  • 3D AOI S3088 Ultra inspection robot from VISCOM to inspect the ever complexing boards.
  • selective coating line DR-061 from DIMA to meet the growing demand of coating PCB’s.
  • a new reflow oven Hotflow 3/14e from ERSA to assure an even more solid reflow of complex boards, to be installed in May 2019.

To confirm and display ACE electronics’ competitive and innovative nature and to celebrate our 25 years of existence we created a new logo and corporate design. That also resulted in a new website, accessible in three languages. It allows us to better display our services and to more effectively meet your needs in the ever changing market.

More information: Johan Lieten (tel. +32 (0)13 53 19 06,

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