Affordable AI in the box at FutureSummits

Easics shows its embedded deep learning demo, ‘affordable AI in the box’, at FutureSummits. FutureSummits takes place on 14 and 15 May 2019 in Antwerp (Belgium) and is organized by imec. It is made up of three conferences and an interactive demo exhibition.

by easics

Imec Technology Forum (ITF) is about groundbreaking innovations powered by nano and digital technology. Forward Dive presents mind-blowing visions on how technology will change tomorrow’s society. AI Flanders deals with opportunities leveraging artificial intelligence for your business.

Do visit Ilse, Bram and Ramses at easics’ interactive demo booth in the Okapi hall.

 Getting AI out of the cloud

Today, artificial intelligence often runs in the cloud, with data being sent back and forth between the application and the AI algorithms running on energy-guzzling cloud infrastructure. Easics uses its expertise in system-on-chip design to develop small, low-power and affordable AI engines that run locally, close to your sensors, e.g. inside a smart camera, sorting machine, robot or vehicle. The result is more secure, faster, and has a low and predictable latency. Which we prove in our demo where you may challenge our embedded hardware AI demo for real-time object recognition!

Easics’ embedded AI solutions integrate tightly with novel and existing sensors

Easics’ embedded AI solutions integrate tightly with novel and existing sensors such as image sensors capturing light inside and outside the visible spectrum (such as hyperspectral and thermal infrared), 3D scanning laser (LiDAR), Time-of-Flight (ToF) sensors, radar, microscopy, ultrasound sensors, and microphones.

Generating the optimal AI engine for your application

To create such innovative hardware, easics is developing the next generation of its embedded AI framework. This framework automatically generates hardware implementations of the deep neural networks that make your specific application smart. Easics maps these AI engines on FPGA or custom ASIC technology.

Easics’ AI solutions are compact, consume less power than alternatives, and have low and fixed latency and a fast inference rate. In addition, they are future proof, allowing to predictably scale up the performance of your application as new generations of FPGA or ASIC technology become available. Your product roadmap is ensured.

Easics’ AI solutions allow to predictably scale up the performance of your application as new generations of FPGA or ASIC technology become available.


Your AI engine is generated based on application-specific parameters such as the resolution of your input images, inference rate, latency, type of neural network (e.g., ResNet, Mask R-CNN, Yolo, MobileNet, or any custom net), type and number of sensors, power budget, and target hardware cost.

Easics, a dependable partner

Easics partners with leading academia and companies in imec.icon R&D-projects, that are co-funded by Flanders Innovation &

Entrepreneurship (VLAIO). The embedded deep learning demo is partly developed in the HELP Video! project that dealt with scalable embedded video processing. Two more projects dealing with embedded AI, cREAtIve and SenseCity, are currently running.

Challenge easics’ real-time object recognition

The easics deep learning demo is trained to recognize and label a large number of objects on a real-time video stream of the audience and its surroundings. At the heart of the demo sits an easics FPGA-board running a trained deep neural network. Objects that are recognized on the live video include people, cell phones, laptops, backpacks, umbrellas, bottles, cups, wine glasses, silverware, and various fruits and animals. You are invited to come over and challenge the demo.


Application domains that will benefit from easics’ embedded AI solutions include:

  • industry 4.0: in-line quality control, factory automation, robots, cobots, predictive maintenance
  • smart health: ultra-low-power wearables & implants, real-time medical image analysis for instant diagnosis
  • smart mobility: driver-assistance, self-driving vehicles
  • smart city & surveillance: people, crowd and traffic monitoring
  • smart agriculture: intelligent harvesting machines
  • augmented & virtual reality, contextual awareness
  • space 4.0: earth observation on a smaller bandwidth radio link
Tour of Europe

The easics embedded deep learning demo is touring Europe. World of Technology & Science (WoTS), organized by FHI, in Utrecht (The Netherlands), VISION, the world’s leading trade fair for machine vision, in Stuttgart (Germany), a Wireless Community Workshop in Ghent (Belgium), the Cross-sectoral Workshop AgriFoodTech in ‘s-Hertogenbosch (The Netherlands), the OCM SpectroNet Collaboration Conference in Karlsruhe (Germany), the Infineon Open Innovation Day in Graz (Austria), and the #LetsCluster Summit of the Silicon Alps Cluster in Graz (Austria) have already been checked off. Contact easics for a live demo at your premises.


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Bram Senave – business development manager

Ramses Valvekens – managing director