First candidates for collaborative projects selected, the Flemish Innovation Business Network on healthcare, organised its first ideation workshop on January 29th. Topic of this first edition was disease prevention. 36 participants listened to 10 ambitious project proposals.

by DSP Valley

The first workshop attracted a lot of people. With 36 participants the event opened to a full house.

A world without diseases

In the first keynote of the afternoon, Werner Verbiest talked about the ambition of Johnson & Johnson to create a world without diseases. He also explained about the paradigm shift from today’s focus on disease diagnostics and treatment to a world that succeeds to mostly predict and pre-empt protentional diseases. Next, the second keynote speaker, Wolfgang Eberle from imec, explained how digital technologies help creating a word without diseases. He illustrated his theory with many interesting examples currently being worked on at imec. Then it was the turn of two enthusiastic start-ups. Checkmed presented its concept to help people changing their behaviour, but also to persevere in sticking to that new behaviour. Anacura explained its concept for using biomarkers to predict both fatigue or stress. This to for instance adapt working conditions soon enough and prevent physical overload or mental illness.

Support from

After a short break, it was time for the main part of the workshop: the 10 innovative project proposals which – when selected – could lead to collaborative projects supported by the IBN After the 10 project ideas were presented, three roundtables were organised to discuss the ideas in more detail with all participants. will use the conclusions of these discussions to select the best candidates to whom a cultivate trajectory will be proposed. The selected companies will also enjoy a support program to set up and coach a collaborative project and further develop their idea. selects candidates innovative collaborative projects in disease prevention and personalised medicine.

With the ideation workshop, has set the first step to the definition and set-up of innovative collaborative projects. The next topic that has been selected is “personalised medicine”. Companies or organisations that have innovative ideas in the area of personalised medicine and are looking for partners and support to get those realised will summarise their case and present it to a selection committee on March 21st. The ideation workshop on personalised medicine where these new ideas will be discussed with interested companies is planned for April 26.

If you want to introduce your project, you can follow us on, the business network bridging technologies for healthcare innovation, is a new Innovation Business Network (IBN), recently set up by, DSP Valley and MedTech Flanders.’s goal is to support companies active in digital and life sciences and medical technologies in the development of collaborative projects in the healthcare domain. is supported by: